Thank-you to our excellent speakers for sharing their expertise and their time with us:

Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, Patients Know Best

In 2008, Mohammed founded Patients Know Best, a website that gives patients online access to their medical data. Mohammad has over 15 years of experience in medical software. He trained as a physician at the University of Cambridge; worked as a staff scientist at the National Institutes of Health; and was a management consultant to US hospitals at The Advisory Board Company. Patients Know Best was featured in Wired magazine’s March 2011 issue.

Dr Henry Lee, Wellnote

Henry Lee is training as a Surgeon in London and studied medicine at the University of Wales College of Medicine. He holds an academic post at Imperial College London and is researching the way that measure of wellbeing can be used for policy purposes.

Dr David Aanensen, Epicollect

David Aanensen is a bioinformatician in the School of Public Health, Imperial College London. His research focus is on the use and development of web applications for infectious disease microbiology.

Dr Adesina Iluyemi, Modise

Adesina is an executive board member and a co-chair of the Global Health Commission of the NEPAD Council, a non-profit organization. His expertise lies in mHealth and Telemedicine innovation and policy development. He has in the past collaborated with influential international multilateral, organizations such as the WHO, UN, ITU, and the Commonwealth Secretariat. He is a Fellow and Council member Telemed & eHealth Section of the RSM England, and a co-founder and executive director of MODISE; an initiative working to bring low-cost connected mobile diagnostics to developing countries.

David Doherty, 3G Doctor

David is a founder of 3G Doctor. He began studies in Medicine at University College Hospital in London before leaving to research and design a remote care solution that would provide patients with a means of private and economical access to the attentions of an informed registered Doctor. The rapid adoption of 3G Video Phones in the UK and Ireland has created this new point of care for more than 15 million patients. By 2010 in the Industrialised World 49% of all mobile subscriptions were being used by 3G devices on 3G networks.



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